Hi, this is Russel Vito!

Welcome to ErthRoamer, the travel blog site for anyone that loves to travel, read, write & share about such experiences.

I love anything and everything that concerns traveling!

All my life I’ve been traveling, collecting great travel experiences and stories of people that I’ve met apart from those of mine. There are two things that have inspired and grown my love for my travel memoirs.

Firstly, the memories of travel experience or holiday lingers long after it has ended. In fact, I have not just returned refreshed from them but my life has never remained the same each time I’ve returned. Going to new places, meeting unknown people and their cultures has always shaped my way of thinking and molded my life philosophy. Am sure, this is true of anyone that travels and loves to explore. After all, we have the entire world open before us and a lifetime is not enough for it!

Secondly, there are so many people out there that aren’t in a position to travel to the places of their dream. They’re just waiting to read more about them, learn in details and see some wonderful photographs of these places. Wonderfully composed travel blogs become the window through which so many people get to ‘see’ places that they’ll probably never be able to visit!

ErthRoamer is precisely one such window that allows thousands of people to almost get to those places through the detailed, lucid and picturesque descriptions accompanied by photos. To make it more attractive and useful for everyone, we decided to incorporate three separate sections in our site: Blog, Attraction & Atlas.



This is the main section of the website where you are free to share your personal travel experiences, write about specialize cuisine and delicacies of any land and share photos. We encourage bloggers to write with a personal touch to instantly connect with the reader. Adding your personal reflections about a place, its history, and cultural milieu can be added food for thought for the reader.


As a blogger, you can develop your personal following from our site and communicate with them. You just have to be able to express yourself coherently and narrate in an interesting way to post your writing in our blog section.




This is a specialized section that will list the major attractions of any place that tourists can visit. They will be accompanied by a brief history and description to make them more attractive. Of course, their photographs will help readers visualize what they are reading.




The places that you write on have specific locations on the atlas. And that is precisely what this section has to do with. You can create your own atlas of the places that you’ve visited.