Oh, Lovely Chicago! My Best Memories Are With You.

If I am asked to pick up a perfect city out of uncountable ones that I visited, Chicago, you have my vote! One of the largest cities in the USA, this beauty resides on Lake Michigan. 

Yes, isn’t the very thought of the place excites you? Truly, I was bestowed with the best experience, amazed by the huge grandeur and mesmerized with its qualitative belongings, this city offers you with everything you could ever dream of! 

 This city comprises of everything, starting from the world-class museum (you get to know a lot), high educational centres, a lavish shopping experience, and definitely a wondrous nightlife you are never going to forget. 

Primarily after stepping into the city, my first job was to spend a good amount of time in the Grand Park. It has so much to offer you. The Art Institute of Chicago, the Field Museum and lot more. Strolling over these sites amazed me. You just cannot take your eyes off and passing moments are surely going to tough with enormous surprises awaiting. 

Chicago gave me the most satiating experience, and I would like to divide it different segments that would present a compilation of my trip altogether, 

1. Entertainment: You Get It All

It was not even a second that I felt boring, excitement was at its peak. The lakes and river cruises will surely melt your heart. There is provision for both gentle lake tour and even speedboat rides. I was up for the second option. A tour of about 40 minutes all around the city was truly mesmerising. 

Take some time, gaze at the 442 Wills Tower, the historic building for 25 years, the sight gave me Goosebumps. 

The famous Grant Park in Chicago and other open space of about 319 acres of land comprises of top attractions, places like Millennium Park, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum Campus Chicago, epic Soldier Field and much more. The journey was definitely enriching. 

A stroll by the river (river walk) stands necessary, Chicago is famous for a pedestrian walk, and don’t forget you get to enjoy the true beauty when you are on your heels. 

              While you are in Chicago, do not dare to miss a visit to the Chicago cultural centre. This famous place is not only a treat to eyes, but more than 1,000 functions and exhibitions are coordinated in the centre. You can attend these function because these are all free. 

My visit to the Field Museum of Natural History was enthralling. The centre keeps amazing anthropological remains of Ancient America and Egypt along with Tibet, China and Africa. However, the showstopper is always the Titanosaur that stands at the Stanley Field Hall. 

2. Food And Shopping:

You won’t be aware how it feels until you land your feet in the heart of Chicago. Be prepared to rush to restaurants each day and help yourself hopping in for the best cuisines in Chicago. They are just uncontrollable! Added to that, you can never be enough satisfied with shopping when you are in Chicago. So do I, there’s only one notion, Shop Until You Drop!

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