Experience Ultimate Adventure – Spend a Night at Boeing 737 Superior Cockpit Room

If you’re an adventure enthusiast, you simply can’t afford to miss spending a night at the Haneda Excel Hotel. Located in Tokyo, Japan, this hotel is now attracting tourists from all parts of the world. The hotel simulates an international airport to give their guests an experience of a lifetime!

Drawing inspiration from the Haneda International Airport (the Tokyo International Airport), the hotel aims to provide sweeping views to the guests as they embark on the flights. Wondering what’s so exciting about it? Well, the guests will be able to experience flights over the airport and its surroundings in a simulator based on a Boeing 737-800. You can literally experience the sensation of falling asleep on an airplane.

If recent reports are to be believed, the simulator can enable the guests to gain first-hand experience of flying a flight and whisking through the skies. Features like tilting the landscape using a control stick allow the guests to experience the thrill of maneuvering an aircraft.

The tourists who have already spent a night at this hotel have stated that they can witness the splendor of nature from the flight both during the daytime and in the evening. Know the best part? An instructor is present 24/7 to help the guests.

However, the sad part is that guests who have booked this room are not allowed to sit in the cockpit simulator during their leisure. According to the hotel's website, the guests can use the simulator only if it's permitted by the special reservation authority. That too, for 90-minutes and under the supervision of trained professionals. The guests also need to keep in mind that if they’re just renting the simulator, the beds and rooms will not be available for use during the experience.

Excited? Well, you should be! The cost of experiencing this thrill will not dig a hole in your pocket. It costs around 30,000 yen (about USD 278) and a stay in the room costs an additional 23000 Yen (about USD 216). Being located near to the Haneda Airport, the hotel provides a chance to the adventure enthusiasts to participate in aviation-based activities.

The hotel also boasts of another airport-themed room facing a runway at Haneda Airport. It features an airline seat used on international flights ages ago. The simple goal is to keep the guests entertained. As per a recent press release, the hotel authorities have left no stones unturned to make sure the tourists do not feel bored during their stay in Tokyo.

Feeling the urge to enjoy the first-hand experience of flying a Boeing 737-800? Then, plan a trip to Tokyo today! Just don’t forget to share your experiences with Erthroamer. We hope to have you on-board soon!

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