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The Travel Experiences of Carmen Edelson – A Credit Manager Turned Travel Influencer

Let me introduce you to famous travel blogger Carmen Edelson – the founder of 

Carmen reveals that she got bit by the travel bug in her early 30s. However, she decided to quit her job as a credit manager and start with travel blogging in her early 40s. In her 6 years of career as a full-time travel influencer, she has visited near to 50 countries. A trip to India or Maldives is next on her bucket list. The Winter Palace in St Petersburg, Russia is the most beautiful place she has ever been to.

When asked about her most memorable trip so far, she revealed that Spain would always have a special place in her heart. It’s not just the first place to which she has made an international travel but it is here that she fell in love with traveling and photography too!

Carmen has over 145k followers across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest and her website was recently named one of the 50 best luxury blogs and websites by Qosy.

A quick intro about yourself?

My name is Carmen and I am a full-time travel influencer who specializes in luxury and family travel. I’ve been running since 2013, after my receiving encouragement from my friend to documents all of my amazing travel experiences. I am a jet setter at heart, always planning my next adventure!

What inspired you to start your travel blog ?

After many fabulous vacations around the world with my family, I started to receive encouragement from a friend to start a blog. She thought it would be a good idea to documents my travels and share my tips along the way. I didn’t start traveling around the world extensively until my 40s, so my goal became to encourage others to travel as much as they can.

What are biggest advantages and disadvantages of being a travel blogger ?

Even when I’m not on a press trip, I find it hard to put down the camera and disconnect from social media. I love photographing and writing about my travels, but it is sometimes difficult to find a balance when your job is also your hobby.

How many countries have you travelled to & how long have you been a travel blogger for?

I have been a travel blogger for 6 years now, and I’ve traveled to almost 50 countries.

What’s been your favorite destination so far ?

Spain holds a special place in my heart because that is the first place I ever traveled abroad, and absolutely fell in love with travel.

What key “life lesson” message do you have for everyone based on what you have learnt from what the gift of travel has taught you about life?

Be open minded and respectful of all people and the different cultures you encounter on your travels. In the end, you realize we are all more alike than we are different.

What’s your ultimate dream destination on your bucket list?

I’d love to explore India or go on a romantic getaway to the Maldives.

What is the hairiest situation you have gotten yourself into while travelling? Did it change your travel behavior?

Other than flight mishaps and lost luggage, I’ve been fortunate enough to not have experienced any seriously scary situations.

What do you miss the most when travelling ?

Definitely my dogs!

What’s the most beautiful or luxurious place you’ve ever seen ? (Please share the photos if possible)

I am a big fan of castles and palaces, and one that really stands out is the Winter Palace in St Petersburg, Russia. It currently houses the Hermitage Museum and it’s incredible ornate on the inside and out. I was very impressed with all of the elaborate details!

Who takes all of your travel photos while travelling ?

I take all of my own photos, and if I am in the photo, then it’s my husband or someone I am traveling with who is taking them.

What is the most luxurious place you have stayed at? What was it like/where?

Recently, I stayed at a gorgeous resort called the Viceroy Bali where each villa has their own private pool that overlooks a lush forest. It was absolutely incredible!

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